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STERE. A French measure of solidity used in measuring wood. It is a cubic metre. Vide Measure.

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Anyone who makes, steres, or distributes printed documents, audiovisual materials, or the like with the intent of "shaking the faith" of a Muslim may also be punished in this manner.
1977: Wal-Mart makes first acquisition, 16 Mohr-Value steres in Michigan and Illinois.
Total of supermarkets, drug steres and discount stores excluding Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Kyle Zimdar is the son of Bill Zimdar, president of Frames Unlimited's parent company Zimdar Enterprises, which provides supplies to all 37 Frames Unlimited steres and fulfills wholesale art and framing orders for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and offices.
T&S Steres has won the The European Retail Solution Award for best EPoS roll-out for setting up at EPoS at 774 stores at a pace of 30 a week.
Data exclude oil held in pipelines (except for those in the United States), rail and truck cars, sea-going ships' bunkers, service stations, retail steres, and tankers at sea.
But the shortage of wood caused by deforestation became worrying: 25 steres of wood (a stere is a unit of measure of fuelwood equivalent to the branches or logs occupying about 1 m3) was needed to produce 110 lb (50 kg) of iron.
Cannot endure, but needs it must be wrackt On the rough rocks, or on the sandy shallowes, The whiles that love it steres, and fortune rowes.