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Tenders are invited for Visco-Elastic Coating Substance For Phaco-Emulsification - 1 4 Percent Chondroitin Sulphate And 3 Percent Sodium Hyaluronate In The Ratio Of 1:3 2 To Be Supplied In A Prefilled Syringe In A Sterile Pack.
The Dodick PhotoLysis System utilizes an inexpensive single-use disposable probe, which is shipped from the company to each surgical site in a ready for use sterile pack, in contrast to existing systems that use high maintenance handpieces and non-disposable needles requiring sterilization before each case.
Tenders are invited for Cutter Blade For Karl Storz Shaver System- Sterile Pack Of Six For Make Karl Stroz
Germany-based Michael Bubol owns a facility in Poland, makes close tolerance surgical instrumentation, a vast range of orthopaedic implantable components, and also provides full sterile pack products.