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Of particular importance to the ecology of Chukars were: Blanche's globe thistle (Echinops blancheanus), a perennial composite in which most nests of Chukars occurred (Alkon 1983); and annual and perennial grasses (including Avena sterilis, Bromus spp.
About 800 h were required to inactivate Avena sterilis at 38[degrees]C, 450 h at 39[degrees]C, 300 h at 40[degrees]C and less than 50 h at 45[degrees]C (Eeonomou et al.
The only evidence for oat cultivation in south-west Asia comes from an unusual assemblage of some 12 000 Arena sterilis grains, found at the Neolithic site of Gilgal (Lower Jordan Valley, Israel), radiometrically dated to c.
Estimation of yield losses of wheat caused by wild oats (Avena sterilis spp.
Allred & Gould Floyd Scott (*) Bromus inermis Leysser Poaceae Harrison (*) Bromus sterilis L.
71) He inaugurates the modern attitude to final causality: "Causarum finalium inquisitio sterilis est et, tamquam virgo Deo consecrata, nihil parit.
Hederas ego nuper amavi Et rudis Eurotam quamvis cum fontibus undas Thespiadum colui, sterilis tamen excipe musae Munera, nam sterilis nunquam meliora colono Semina reddit ager, nec debita reddit egeno Foenora.
Abraham most recently was vice president and general manager of medical device start-up Sterilis Inc.
Tolerance and competitive ability of different cultivars of wheat and barley in the presence of Avena sterilis L.
The poet gives added emphasis to this problem, and changes the straightforward scriptural declaration that `erat autem Sarai sterilis nec habebat liberos' (Genesis xi.