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The woman said she only learnt she had been sterilised after hearing two nurses talking about her in the hospital ward.
Forcibly sterilised woman files international case against Chile: addresses ongoing HIV discrimination in country.
She's approximately six-months-old and will be sterilised and vaccinated once her wound has healed.
The website states: "From about February, 1990, to March, 2006, on occasion, while treating patients, you used dental instruments to clean your fingernails and ears and replaced them on a tray alongside sterilised instruments.
Mrs Craven was one of four women who became pregnant after being sterilised at Ormskirk Hospital by Dr Peter Hendy-Ibbs.
We wouldn't mind if this research led to more men getting sterilised instead of their female partners.
We use new blades for each customer and the handle is also sterilised.
Women participating in a workshop in Windhoek in January have reported being forcibly and unknowingly sterilised because of their HIV status; robbing them of their right to motherhood.