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The components are manufactured at Daikyo facilities in Japan using clean, high-quality elastomer formulations and are then washed, inspected, and sterilized--with the intention of helping pharmaceutical companies reduce their manufacturing footprint while meeting their demand for virtually defect-free, clean, and sterilized components.
Some of the reproductive hormones, particularly progesterone and testosterone, could suppress the immune system, explaining why there is an increased risk of infection among dogs that have been sterilized.
Claims heard that day included that of Magdaline lyambo, Ndilimeke Hamutele and Lahia--who were sterilized without their consent and one claim of sterilisaton on grounds of being HIV+.
The sterile distilled water and different solutions were transferred by transfer pipette with sterilized tips (1ml).
The juices were either pasteurized at 96 C for 5 minutes and kept at 4 C for two months, or they were sterilized at 121 C for 30 minutes and kept at 20 C for three months.
Some observers suggest that the United States, ideally in conjunction with the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank, undertake sterilized intervention to prevent further dollar depreciation.
Multiple carrier plates can be interchanged on a machine so one set of plates can be sterilized while another set of carrier plates remain in operation on the machine eliminating valuable downtime.
Department of Agriculture are working on a process to turn sterilized cow manure into fiberboard for use in furniture, shelving, flooring and more.
Likewise in the United States, as late as 1968 mail leaving the leprosarium at Carville, Louisiana, was first sterilized by baking in electric ovens (18).
It is a pesticide-free technique, and when the sterilized males are released into the environment, they still compete with the wild males for mates," he said adding insects are very particular with whom they will mate and a female will not mate with a sickly male.
Women who had been sterilized had a lower risk than those who had not (odds ratio, 0.
Those that got water with either live or dead LGG or that drank milk developed stronger symptoms that were nevertheless milder than those of rats that received sterilized water.