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I truly enjoyed the experience and I have to thank firstly the selectors for having faith in me and then Stewy who has been in constant touch since I was named.
Joy added: "Ian, Stephen and I support Sunderland and Stewy and Colin support Newcastle.
I have to say that I would have loved to have played alongside Stewy at some time in my career - but it was never destined to happen.
I don't think there is a much better deliverer of the ball than Stewy around.
Any striker needs good service and Stewy and Ash give you probably the best in the division.
I hope Boro can keep Stewy, like United did with Giggs," said Queudrue, who scored his fourth of the season on Saturday.
I think there's always been parallels between me and Stewy because we were both left wingers coming through at Middlesbrough," said Johnson.
Half Way House ran amok beating New Ferry Rangers 9-1 thanks to a sparkling six-goal salvo from man of the match Stewy Hardman, and Kenny Mahon grabbed a treble.
But it was the introduction of 20-year-old Stewy Downing that changed the game, providing the much-needed urgency Boro had been crying out for.
He's a bit bigger than Danny and Stewy may be more skilled but I'm looking forward to him bringing that kind of energy.
Gabby and Stewy Downing are good players who have been playing well.
Fortunately, we've got Gabby, Stewy, Marc and Ash who are all willing to track back and help the defenders.