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The other chimp learned to manipulate the stick to lift a hook that moved the block and allowed the food to roll into the chute.
Railway model enthusiast Jim Noble, pictured below, had appealed for his distinctive walking stick to be returned after it went missing at an exhibition.
Sometimes spiders spin their webs across the trail, so I use my stick to gently move them out of the way.
HOW many times have you gone out for a walk and taken a stick with you, or watched a child pick up a stick to beat bracken with?
Hot Dog on a Stick(TM) to offer one free Hot Dog on a Stick to customers proudly wearing a printable version of its signature hat.
A Travis County judge on Friday sentenced former state representative Jack Stick to six days in jail and a 90-day driver's license suspension for driving while intoxicated, according to prosecutors.
These new cards are manufactured by SanDisk and allow consumers to upgrade from the performance of standard Memory Stick to higher performance and enhanced security features to protect their content.