stick together

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They (the players) will stick together because they want to get it right, and the best way to do it is to stick together and believe in what they are doing.
If the fans stick with us and we stick together as team on the field and don't argue or blame each other - if we are all united - we will start to pick up points.
We spend a lot of time together as a team and I think that we are definitely a team that can build and stick together after last year.
The victories are not coming but we need to keep on working hard, and everybody stick together, the players, the fans, the trainers," he said.
PAUL MURRAY says Hartlepool's squad must stick together in their quest to get back on a winning track.
I am proud of the lads because at one stage of the game they had a lot of the ball so we just had to stick together and get tight and start pressing," Johnson said.
FILM star Catherine Zeta-Jones yesterday advised Prince William and Kate Middleton to stick together "through thick and thin" after receiving her CBE from Prince Charles.
I can only hope they [McLaren and engine supplier Mercedes] stick together, at least I have been told they will stick together - but who knows?
There are a few sour faces on some of those who have not been playing, but they all know how important it is that we stick together.
The study will focus on blood platelets, which in people with cardiovascular disease stick together, forming blood clots and blocking blood vessels.
But Kewell denied there was any such problem as he urged the squad to stick together.
Said Dove: ``We have a lot of really talented girls on this team, but what makes it fun is we really stick together.