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2009) and decrease stickiness or difficulties in internalising these skills and knowledge.
The Warburtons Dough Stickiness System mimics certain actions carried out in commercial bakeries and is ideally suited to this sector of the baking industry due to the high speed of the test, the ease of cleaning between tests and the reduced need for temperature-controlled environments.
Retention -- call it stickiness or loyalty is -- critical.
Calc Carb - Stickiness of the lids on waking, photophobia in a cold wind.
The inaugural Localytics App Stickiness Index, providing analysis of 25,000 apps from December 2011 through Q1 2014, can be found at www.
Lloyd Instruments has developed a new jig for the versatile TAPlus texture analyzer to test the stickiness of cooked sheets of pasta such as lasagne.
The stickiness found in many tortillas is a highly undesirable characteristic, especially for the food service industry.
The level of mold fouling can be a slight stickiness to a point where actual deposits of compound are left on the mold surface.
The new catenane structures could be used to make surfaces that change color, stickiness, and other properties depending on the relative positions of the rings, suggests Leigh.
He posits three rules: the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context.
This process can prevent a wet surface layer, which causes stickiness and hinders flowability, and drier clay interlayers, lowering the efficiency of clay activation and bonding.
Matrix-YP allows Yellow Pages providers to keep their brand in front of the consumer even after they leave the web-site, and offers them valuable services that create loyalty and stickiness," said Masoud Loghmani, CTO of LogicTree.