sticking together

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There's no panic here or anything like that - we're all on the same page, sticking together and hopefully getting three points.
I have always been very vocal about the women sticking together.
ADAM Lallana believes sticking together is the key to Liverpool turning around their season.
We are sticking together and maybe, because of the extra day we have before playing Spurs, there will be extra training sessions slotted in.
There is a lot of negativity coming from outside but we are all sticking together.
Our sister is going through a difficult time but we're a close family and are sticking together like always," Contactmusic quoted her as tweeting.
Maradona reminded everyone that sticking together is crucial in dark times like these, so that through darkness they could shed some light on the tragedy and go on to compete in his honour as that is what Awana would have wanted.
The players are all sticking together and rallying around Robert Green so I'm sure we'll be ok.
Ellesmere Port car workers have just the same qualities as their counterparts in Halewood - including sticking together with their colleagues at other plants - and will no doubt be just as excellent workers for their new employers as those at Halewood have been for Tata.
Flavonoids can stop platelets sticking together but it is not known how.
The Warwickshire star and his fellow Futureproof band members are sticking together and aim to use their TV fame as a launchpad for greater success.
But when pressure from the government and media comes down, "AF" turns into an ode to sticking together against the outsiders so Dad can do this wonderfully asinine -- not to mention dangerous -- thing.