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The improvement of the bond strength and the ability to transfer tensile stress through the cracks should increase the tension stiffening of fiber-reinforced concrete (Abrishami & Mitchell, 1997; Yang, Walraven, & Den Uijl, 2009; Deluce & Vecchio, 2013; Lee, Cho, & Vecchio, 2013).
Shelf age stiffening for either one year at 21[degrees]C or six months at 40[degrees]C had virtually no impact on the crack growth rate for the NR compound, but shelf age stiffening increased the crack growth rate for both the BR compound and the NR/BR blend.
Impact on the stiffening girder from symmetrical pair of cables can be modeled by applying the vertical unit forces in anchorage points of cables.
In this paper an increase and a decrease in viscosity were respectively referred to as stiffening and softening.
The final balance of the whole structure is described (the stiffening girder is consistent and in initial solution takes approximately 10% of all load, 90% of load is imposed to the cable).
In the study, which looked at 331 people born between 1969 and 1975, scientists from the Medical Research Council measured stiffening in the walls of the arteries - an early sign of cardiovascular disease.
The researchers confirmed the notion that stiffening of the arteries occurs in varying degrees as people get older, even among those with normal blood pressure readings.
Strengthen the top corners with screws driven from the stiffening strips on the sides into the stiffening strips on the ends.
Contract notice: renovation town hall, 5th ba, cross passage b - lot 13 stiffening work
If starfish body-wall connective tissues have mechanical mutability, they may contribute to the stiffening of the body wall through the stiffening of the dermis and the ligaments connecting the ossicles, thus making the ossicular framework less flexible.
Patented is an absorbent article, such as a sanitary towel, with a stiffening area which is intended to contribute to the three-dimensional shape of the article during its use.
LANCASTER - Mayoral and City Council candidates in general said they supported stiffening Lancaster's 14-year-old law regulating businesses that sell alcohol.