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Investigations were undertaken to determine what effect age stiffening has on the fatigue performance of these elastomers.
These conditions form nonlinear equation system, which give after solving all nodes displacements and internal forces for cables and for stiffening girder.
There's an obvious contemporary twist as well: as historians have turned away from precise examination of systems of inequality, inequality has in fact been deepening in many societies, and with it issues of poverty and a stiffening of hierarchy.
LANCASTER - Mayoral and City Council candidates in general said they supported stiffening Lancaster's 14-year-old law regulating businesses that sell alcohol.
He warms up the crowd with jokes about Viagra, failing memories, and stiffening bodies.
Triplex forms the stiffening pattern of positive and negative dimples using two intermeshing rollers, one of which is aided by vacuum.
Weigel charts how this remarkable turnaround happened and underscores the larger implications of the new nanny university: "The stiffening of campus law also illustrates the trend toward greater control of adults' personal behavior" in contemporary America.
this stiffening "reduces the 'flutter' that is the main culprit in the snoring sound.
Although our great-grandparents recognised the problems of stiffening of the arteries it was not possible to measure this in the general population at that time,' said John Cockcroft.
Ribs are recommended for reinforcing or stiffening most webbed sections (Fig.
Prolonged breastfeeding is linked to stiffening of the artery walls in early adulthood, says a study in the British Medical Journal.