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The DART program, authored by Rush and the Antelope Valley Union High School District youth projects coordinator, Marcello Bedetti, increases the frequency of truancy sweeps, stiffens penalties and tries to involve the community in combating truancy.
However, the competition stiffens when it comes to school charters.
The shelf's front lip also stiffens the shelfi and masks the hollow section and the fluorescent light fixture mounted to the underside.
Upon impact, the Zoombang([R]) stiffens and locks to a solid state providing maximum protection.
2 An intermediate space frame stiffens the entire structural ensemble.
Wisdom like that stiffens the spine for the 93 minutes it takes to survive ``Mortal Kombat.
He notes that many current cancer drugs break up microtubules and that taxol, another well-known anticancer agent, stiffens the filaments.
The tapered frame stiffens the racquet for tremendous strength.
The twisted geometry stiffens the tube and allows individual members of the curved structure to be straight, just as the triangular glass panes suspended within the basket are plane, and so easily joined with flexible silicone pointing.
It simultaneously strengthens Sinn Fein demands to be admitted to negotiations regardless of what the IRA does, but stiffens the resolve of pro-British Protestant politicians not to talk to them.
Periodically changing that field causes an upright ribbon to alternately bend and straighten as the ribbon softens and stiffens.
Poor exchanges lead to a gradual stiffening of the connective tissue, which shortens as it stiffens, pulling the skin down.