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Under the recommendation, the courts will hand down stiffer penalties for planting hoax bombs, he added, quoted by Bahrain News Agency (BNA).
The European Banking Authority has proposed stiffer bonus rules for banking executives.
Campaigning for stiffer terms for those who are cruel to animals, she intends to create something good from the ordeal.
Chronic myeloid leukemia cells grew slower in stiffer three-dimensional gels, the researchers found.
Riders are being further restricted as to how many times they can use the whip in a race, as well as being handed out stiffer punishments for using it with excessive frequency.
protesters, noted HM King Abdullah II's words that underscored the importance of introducing stiffer penalties for attacks on doctors,.
The drop back in trip should not pose a problem on this much stiffer track and Coolbeg can confirm that promise here.
Tragically, the German resistance was stiffer than expected, and the battle ultimately ended in failure for the Allies.
CDATA[ After several hours of debate, the ministerial committee for legislation resolves to support stiffer prison conditions for Hamas terrorists.
That got me thinking that it would be nice to have a backup rod with a stiffer tip for bigger fish such as cobia, trophy snook, bull reds, out-size jack crevalle and even small tarpon.
People with stiffer arteries have a higher risk of heart disease than those with elastic arteries.
Since the new nanocomposite is stiffer and stronger, less of it can be used to manufacture finished parts, reducing weight.