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In the summer's funniest movie scene, Stifler enters a gay bar - only, of course, he doesn't know it's a gay bar.
But I love the character that you're not supposed to like but do, so Stifler is like the Hannibal Lecter of comedies.
Jim's old pals Finch and Kevin are utterly one-dimensional, Michelle constantly slips in and out of the `band camp' persona and Stifler is ridiculously over the top.
The complaints about companies that own large numbers of patents are well known by now; the general opinion is that owning too many patents makes you a stifler of innovation as it becomes expensive for companies that want to use your patents to create new products.
Lawrence Stifler, founder of HMR, noted that the company's programs "provide an important option for physicians and their patients who need to lose weight as part of their treatment regimen for managing a chronic disease.
PLOT: The characters like cocky Stifler and tongue-tied Jim from the original 1999 movie reunite after previous sequels and several straight to DVD spin-offs.
ERE is a moment in the fourth and hopefully final slice of the American Pie series when lovable Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) loses his patience with sex-obsessed man-child Stifler (Seann William Scott) and laments: "You're so trapped in the past.
Last and never least, Stifler (Seann William Scott) is stuck in a lowly temp job, though a suit and tie haven't curbed his juvenile horndog tendencies one bit.
Oz y Heather tambien se distanciaron, pero Finch sigue acordandose de la madre de Stifler.
I thought I'd seen everything, but there have been pieces that have surprised and delighted me," says the center's director, Venetia Stifler.
Though reluctant to invite Stifler to their big day, the happy couple relent - but regret their decision when he plans a bachelor party on the same evening Jim is due to meet the in-laws.