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However, the main classroom is in a poor condition with the tin walls becoming stiflingly hot in the day but far too cold early in the morning, when many children come to school to complete their homework as there is no electricity in the slum.
Quite the contrary, we think of them as essentially trapped in (perhaps stiflingly narrow) world views.
Such an exterior is a nightmare for an engineer employed to prevent stiflingly hot Dubai air coming into a building and expensive, energy-consuming, conditioned air getting out.
Bidding adieu to the incredibly polite staff and making our way out into Dubai's stiflingly warm and sufficatingly humid night, it dawned on me how surreal it is that a small piece of Japan sits 18 floors above the ground in Al Barsha - a world away from it's surroundings, which is not the only thing that makes it well worth a visit.
I don't want anyone to be cold or uncomfortable, but every time I visit, which has been quite often recently, the place is stiflingly overwarm.
In stiflingly hot conditions they played some excellent possession football and scored what proved to be the winner inside 90 seconds when Howard fired home from close range.
In Indiana, meanwhile, an infant died after being left in a stiflingly hot car, according to the indystar.
Feeling the heat: Our window table at the Queen & Castle became stiflingly hot, while we had to vacate by 6.
What little sense of freshness, greenness, and fertility the play affords in an otherwise stiflingly claustrophobic atmosphere emerges in Banquo's ironic description of Inverness as a place where "heaven's breath / Smells wooingly" (1.
Scott was slashed from 50-1 to a topoffer 25-1 with Ladbrokes for this week's final Major, the USPGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club in stiflingly hot Georgia, and Williams was billed at 7-2 to win more Majors than his old boss next year on Bet365's craftily-named Caddy-Sack market.
The latter can be a necessary tactic in the heat of the summer when surface waters sometimes stratify into a stiflingly hot surface layer that drives fish deep.