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9,10) People stigmatise those with leprosy, it is often assumed, because they have not been educated in the scientific causes of the disease, resorting instead to folk explanations that constitute leprosy as, for example, a punishment from God or a consequence of witchcraft.
This will stigmatise every under 21 year old as drinking irresponsibly," said Mr Finnie.
It comes at a time when a united front of mental health organisations is claiming that the Government is planning to stigmatise the mentally ill as criminals.
A new research on obesity from Yale University has suggested that online news outlets stigmatise obese people by excessive use of their negative images in ill-fitting clothes or eating fast food, just to consolidate their stories about obesity.
The problem is that the campaigns stigmatise people.
The presence of the cameras alone in no way stigmatises law-abiding communities.
A COVENTRY MP has stepped into the row over a TV licensing campaign which he feels stigmatises people on the estate where he grew up.