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By doing so, they stigmatize homophobic Asians for losing their cultural identity and "buying into" western thinking.
The society should care for AIDS patients and never stigmatize them in particular.
This made it easy to hold them personally responsible for their conduct and to stigmatize them as willful perverts.
Yet it did not stigmatize other forms of aggression--economic, social, political--that were traditionally associated with men.
Advocates for the disabled complained about an existing shortage of handicapped spaces, and others were concerned that the bill would stigmatize pregnancy as a handicap or simply thought that pregnant women didn't need the privilege.
Daily visits to the school nurse to receive oral medication can stigmatize children and embarrass them in front of their peers.
But all the posting of a grade will really do is stigmatize the tenants.
But it can cross its fingers behind its back and publicly stigmatize sports gambling, even that which is conducted legally in Nevada.
These discussions warn us to carefully consider the vast implications of this new information and caution that it not be used, as similar information has been in the past, to stigmatize and discriminate against individuals and groups.
Going to a junior college didn't stigmatize them one bit.
Zero tolerance, he said, means they cannot ostracize, stigmatize and deny their friendship because of the way a person looks or talks, the God he believes in or his sexual orientation.