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Stigma messages serve to distinguish individuals from a general population (mark); to stereotype individuals as a distinct social entity (label); to suggest individuals are, themselves, responsible for their membership in a stigmatized group (responsibility), and to associate the individuals with danger that threatens the community's health (peril).
Because they are so effective at punishing stigmatized individuals (those who are viewed as semicommunity members and persons on the margins of society), bullies may be regarded as instrumental by those in authority (Kohut, 2007).
Those with cancer stayed mum for fear of being both stigmatized and ostracized--a situation which still exists in many developing countries today.
Such reflexive dependency should be stigmatized to discourage its profligate use.
Expanding on previous studies that explored homophobia within Asian communities, we not only examine how gay Asian men respond to social discrimination but also address how they attempt to make their stigmatized status less salient.
Marijuana, the most prevalent illegal drug used in the United States, has become less stigmatized in recent decades (Hathaway 2004); however, "harder," more dangerous drugs (e.
HIV/AIDS has been one of the most stigmatized diseases in recent history.
Berger states there has been "little research that discusses the community work of severely stigmatized women" and Workable Sisterhood attempts to fill this void (12).
But that reassessment came after children born to cocaine users were stigmatized as dramatically and permanently damaged, while their mothers were singled out for special condemnation and punishment.
The story of Sally McDowell Thomas's very public separation and divorce from her husband, the governor of Maryland, lays bare the steep odds women faced in their struggles to recover their lives and their honor in a system that stigmatized women more than men, even when they were the victims.
While it claims that teachers are being stigmatized, it would be a real stretch to argue that any stigmatization that teachers suffered because their students were not learning constituted an injury that required a legal remedy.
As much as he tries to make peace with his being accepted to Yale Law School because of the color of his skin, he, the son of a Cornell professor, senses there was still a large part of him--and this question permeates his book--that feels somehow stigmatized, that somehow his considerable individual achievements have been devalued by affirmative action.