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Within news coverage, framing elements such as overt metaphors, exemplars, depictions, and visual images can serve to stigmatize a disease (Gamson & Modigliani, 1989).
The society should care for AIDS patients and never stigmatize them in particular.
Further, these findings indicate that the media may covertly stigmatize the disease even while overtly promoting anti-stigma.
The findings from this study indicate that even though this may have resulted in increased frequency of coverage (Bu & Liu, 2004; Li & Zhou, 2005) it is likely this coverage continues to stigmatize the disease.
Here, too, traits at the sub-individual level are less likely than before to be raised to master status and stigmatize the person as abnormal.
This made it easy to hold them personally responsible for their conduct and to stigmatize them as willful perverts.
As with disabled persons, if homosexuals can no longer be held personally responsible for their condition, it becomes more difficult to stigmatize them with the same vengeance as before.