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The greatest events coincide with "our stillest hours" (cf.
His lens seems to find the stillest moments and corners of anonymous cities, largely avoiding humanity and the hustle and bustle usually associated with urban scapes.
The Nightmare came to my silent bed In the stillest hour of night .
He hears the clatter of pans in the kitchen, catches the scent of bacon and fresh coffee filling up the house, and for a moment--for the briefest, stillest of moments--he's transported back to his boyhood home.
Dry in the stillest and most dust free air you can find and in the horizontal position to minimize the tendency to run, yet allow for the finish to flatten out.
During that time, every form of heating was turned up to its maximum and on the stillest days our lights, TVs and all other power driven appliances continued to function thanks to our power suppliers.
Even the stillest and emptiest of frames is inhabited, even the most sterile of environments comes alive with sound and movement.