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Hellboy (Ron Pearlman) and Liz (Selma Blair) are cracking heads and taking names in Guillermo del Toro's fantastical sequel; Martin Lawrence and Raven-Symone try the patience as a road-tripping father and daughter; Comedy spies Anne Hathaway and Steven Carell go underground in Get Smart; Shane Meadows broadens his horizons with the low key and charming Somers Town; Shoot on Sight gets points for tackling a difficult subject, albeit somewhat stiltedly
What all this has done, being positive, is that it has motivated me to up my efforts every time I go to the gym (and I go more often) because some prehistoric urge makes me want to see my name in the top ten achievers in my facility, as Fitlinxx rather stiltedly puts it.
Viewers are constantly aware that these are actors acting, in some cases rather stiltedly.