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Jack Kyle, executive director of the Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange, engaged the services of interior designer Sharon Stingily Green of Sharon Green Interiors to coordinate the renovation and refurbishing of two offices to become a private lounge for the Royal Couple, and later a VIP Room for other dignitaries attending the exhibition.
In recent years, a variety of in situ sensors have been developed, though the use of these sensors has been stingily funded compared to satellites.
dissertation, heretofore the only guidebook for scholars through the thickets of Tolson's text, as Nelson--somewhat stingily, in my opinion--attests (though Huot contributed mightily to our understanding, he receives just a half-sentence of acknowledgment).
The same post-Reconstruction judiciary that construed the early civil rights acts stingily protected common law baselines in a range of other cases, especially labor cases.
Poor mentor candidates see themselves as descending from their ivory tower just long enough to stingily throw a few pearls of wisdom on eager young managers.
They also, minimally and increasingly stingily, support families in their efforts to obtain an appropriate level of care for special needs children within their communities.
BYRON STINGILY, a mainstay of the house scene throughout the 90s, steps into the 21st century by recreating his first great hit.
Artists include Mousse T vs Hot 'N' Juicy, Byron Stingily, David Holmes, Todd Terry and Cevin Fisher.
10) To sacrifice stingily or to present an inferior offering is indeed hazardous and will result in God's approbation.
Second in the rating race (after CBS) is ABC, which doesn't seem to need too many new shows, The network is stingily replacing six programs.
13 (-) You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) Byron Stingily
and so, putting vigorously into effect and by no means stingily that grace which heaven had infused and given to him, he arranged to play a fine game against the king and did not desist from such an undertaking until he had constructed a wooden goose, suitable for its purpose and very well designed; and he made it so ample and spacious that a man could hide inside it.