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Who could see beauty in the stingy nose of the Tarmangani after looking at Taug's broad nostrils?
At the end of each ten weeks with the extra capital thus accumulated, he purchased one gentleman's evening from the bargain counter of stingy old Father Time.
They both agreed in calling him an old screw; which means a very stingy, avaricious person.
Glegg himself was stingy in the most amiable manner; his neighbors called him "near," which always means that the person in question is a lovable skinflint.
The MAS, an independent body set up by Government to offer money tips, said the fears about social stigma could be well-founded, with 35% of those surveyed thinking that people who fail to get their round of drinks in at the pub are stingy and more than a third (34%) feeling they are rude.
In the Ramadan drama , Nour plays the role of a man, who despite his great wealth, is very stingy and greedy.
he passionately declared, adding, "Let's kick China's ass at being compassionate because we're a brotherhood of men, you stingy jerks
Gulf News: Rich people are rich because they are stingy.
Halloween in Christmas Hills The Legend of Stingy Jack Black Dog, 2009 unpaged $16.
The Anthology of Stingy Bear's Adventures" is a story book meant to be enjoyed by both parents and children alike.
Whisenant's collection of stories, "The Anthology of Stingy Bear's Adventures" (published by AuthorHouse), parodies a homogenous society of grizzly bears in order to address numerous modern-day social, political and economic issues.
By selecting the stingy die, the participant demonstrates intent to keep all the money, but an "accidental" generous outcome remains possible.