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STINT, Eng. law. The proportionable part of a man's cattle, which he may keep upon the common.
     2. To use a thing without stint, is to use it without limit.

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Given the rehab stint happened early in May, Radar Online claimed this trip was a sign that the two are on their way to marriage bliss again and that they are out of the marriage crisis they have been in for a while.
The report said that as compared to his previous stint (twenty months), Moores would have even less this time around given the retirement of Graeme Swann and the sacking of the team's best batsman Kevin Pietersen, adding that under Moores, England lost more often than they won- in 68 matches across all formats, they won 27 and lost 29.
I had another stint around eight hours in and the lap times were still competitive, but were just too far back to make an impact, and then the car stopped when I handed it over to Humaid.
Mr Hawthornthwaite, who was brought up in Newbiggin where his father Reg was a chemist for many years, joined forces with his sister Hilary to buy his stint when it came up for auction last year.
Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan opened up about her upcoming court-ordered stint in rehab in her first interview for five months, but dodged questions about addiction.
All drivers in the team did a stint each, with only Alice, Damiano and Fabienne continued the next stints till about 10 pm.
HIS stint as a commentator with the BBC for Euro 2012 seems to have driven Clarence Seedorf out of Europe.
United are in the title b left it late t spoils las with a Norw Un age Fe w p l Wayn has been after a stint o Leading 2-0, Spurs then lost 5-2.
Mathai, who left Doha in July 2005, after a four-year stint, is currently serving as India's ambassador to France.
UNLIKELY Strictly Come Dancing star Ann Widdecombe has revealed her stint in the show has not made the slightest difference to her life - unlike many TV talent show contestants.
It will be Lohan's third jail stint for a drug and drunken driving case dating back to 2007.
AHA' MOMENT: Her stint as a trader with Prime Broking, which made her realise that her specialty was operations.