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The meeting also reviewed process and requirements for payment of monthly stipend to Pesh Imam of mosques and mode of payment in this regard.
The travel stipend, worth up to $1,000 and funded by Friends of YALSA, will allow Majkut to attend National Library Legislative Day, which takes place May 7-8 in Washington, D.
The chief minister recently announced the payment of Rs10,000 monthly stipend to the prayer leaders of central mosques across the province.
The move is commendable in the sense that the government has deemed it important enough that the children must receive education through its own schools, however, it needs to assure that the children continue to enjoy the same facilities as before, such as the stipend, so that they do not resort back to beggary on the roads.
According to derails, in first phase as many as 27096 prayer leaders would get stipend of Rs.
This stipend would be directly transferred to the accounts of eligible Imams for which modalities are being worked out.
She said student nurses from 1st Batch to 4th Batch have not been paid stipends for about one year.
Thursday's action was the second step in a process undertaken by graduate assistants to put pressure on AUB, Haidar said, having already communicated with the administration via official channels and circulated a petition calling for an increase in the overall stipend amount and the option to accept work opportunities outside of the GA program.
PESHAWAR -- The World Food Program (WFP) has announced to award monthly stipends to girl students of Khyber Agency for increasing female literacy ratio in the agency.
While I recognize there are factors beyond education involved in determining what a minister is paid, the math indicates the stipend grid of the PCC is in line with what persons with Master's degrees earn in Canada.
One of the amendments states that a disabled person can be granted a monthly stipend until the age of 21.
Cases included complaints from employees of the Ministry of Health for the withholding of stipends, such as the infections stipend as well as certain risk stipends for nurses in psychological hospitals.