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There was a certain stipend, sir, paid to you for your pupil, which may have warped your judgment a bit,' said Mr.
BOUNDERBY being a bachelor, an elderly lady presided over his establishment, in consideration of a certain annual stipend.
So, she appropriated the greater part of the weekly stipend to her own use, and consigned the rising parochial generation to even a shorter allowance than was originally provided for them.
I should like to know what you really are worth,' returned Fledgeby, with whom his growing rich on that stipend and gratitude was a very convenient fiction.
Lowten and Job Trotter looking very dim and shadowy by the light of a kitchen candle, which the gentleman who condescended to appear in plush shorts and cottons for a quarterly stipend, had, with a becoming contempt for the clerk and all things appertaining to 'the office,' placed upon the table.
PESHAWAR -- The sub-committee on the Promotion of Cultural Community and Support Deserving Writers has been asked to finalize the names of artistes, poets and writers etc to extend them financial help and stipends as soon as possible.
As part of the stipends programme, the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) will pay stipends to the Police in Somalia.
Cases included complaints from employees of the Ministry of Health for the withholding of stipends, such as the infections stipend as well as certain risk stipends for nurses in psychological hospitals.
Around 442030 girls have benefited from this scheme in 2014-15 and in FY 2015-16, stipends will be awarded to 465000 girl students.
In addition, the animal control officer can receive up to $1,000 in performance incentive stipends for customer service, based on the number of complaints received.
Funded by the state's Mental Health Services Act(MHSA) through the California Department of Mental Health, these stipends are awarded to students completing internships in publicly supported mental health agencies in California.
Councilors also agreed they'd consider language in the charter amendment for an automatic increase of the stipends periodically based on Portland's consumer price index, a local measure of inflation.