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There are some truly beautiful, stirringly melancholic numbers here - notably The Fall and Dark Clouds.
Regardless of Zamalek's drawback, the game was the best this season, and one of the greatest derbies in years, a 3-3 see-saw sizzler that had Zamalek up by a goal three times, only for Ahly to stirringly come back each time.
75 is an interchange of stacked ramps called the High Five, which is so revered by drivers that the Dallas Morning News asked its readers to send in their most stirringly artistic photos of it.
It required a practical visionary like Branch Rickey to make integration work, and, despite all the criticisms of his bombastic style leveled by his contemporaries and by later historians, the substance of his program and its example for other efforts at desegregation remains a stirringly successful saga.
Of course, he details the events around Washington and Baltimore at length, and stirringly describes the Battle of New Orleans.
Alongside stirringly inspiring scholarly efficacy, daunting cerebral worth, and an impressive career, as an activist, Elmessiri exemplifies elite human ethos marked by unwavering commitment to the cause of social justice.
In the Shadow of the Moon" stirringly relives the moment and points the way toward a future when the feeling could again be achieved.
It was the sculptural ancestor of the 18th-century painting that speaks so stirringly of Christian faith expressed in native idiom.
Some pictures are stirringly beautiful; others are gripping images of the dramatic effect human activities have on natural systems.
All the ugly lies--of a-moral Muslims throwing babies overboard, of terror lurking in the hearts of neighbours and friends, of justice needing to be denied in special cases--are all in the end subsidiary to those that stirringly promise either 'community' through (pure) national identity, or the satisfaction, not of want but of desire, through techo-commodity augmentation.
You have to love your community to write stirringly about its issues.