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Regardless of Zamalek's drawback, the game was the best this season, and one of the greatest derbies in years, a 3-3 see-saw sizzler that had Zamalek up by a goal three times, only for Ahly to stirringly come back each time.
trials, the turtles stirringly suggest painful moments of sexual
75 is an interchange of stacked ramps called the High Five, which is so revered by drivers that the Dallas Morning News asked its readers to send in their most stirringly artistic photos of it.
Three days after the first attacks on Afghanistan, resident AEI scholar Michael Ledeen wrote stirringly that:
While the New York Times' Ben Brantley is stunned by some of the long monologues--"operatic arias" which he terms "a stirringly musical version of public crisis and private pain"--he also deems the plot "not always easy to understand or, when you do understand it, even credible.
Alongside stirringly inspiring scholarly efficacy, daunting cerebral worth, and an impressive career, as an activist, Elmessiri exemplifies elite human ethos marked by unwavering commitment to the cause of social justice.
Those so-called "real values" belong to the romantic side of France, not the rational side, the idealization of heroic underdog populism, where the defeated can also be winners by singing La Marseillaise more brilliantly and more stirringly than anyone else.
110) On the other, James Bradley Thayer stirringly defended a civic republican vision of "public
In the Shadow of the Moon" stirringly relives the moment and points the way toward a future when the feeling could again be achieved.
Dunbar wrote stirringly of Britton's battle for "real liberty" and her service to "the race.
It was the sculptural ancestor of the 18th-century painting that speaks so stirringly of Christian faith expressed in native idiom.