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I've got a mate who's an accountant and, while I'm sure most people would agree that accountancy is a necessary profession, it's not one that stirs the blood of non-accountants.
NOTHING stirs the blood of Japanese breeders and buyers like a 100 million yen horse.
Man of La Mancha" is no celebration -- the Quixote story is routinely interrupted as prisoners are sent before the Inquisition -- but Rodriguez Elliott's production stirs the blood nonetheless.
Strange Fruit illuminates the evil, stirs the blood like Dylan's Masters of War, that searing attack on the arms industry and the men behind it, elegant and immoral suits selling tanks and killer 'copters to any brute with loot.
IT'S just the tonic for mid-winter blues - a sassy little "sportnatech" with a burbling engine and a whistling turbo that stirs the blood out of suspended animation.