stock sheet

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The cutting layout of the last used stock sheet has also been improved.
37 was found short in various offices of Pakistan Railway (PR) and no documentary evidence regarding settlement of stock sheet was provided to audit.
Relyco has introduced two new labeling products, a new integrated key fob with ID card, and stock sheet sizes to its comprehensive line of Revlar waterproof paper and labels for laser printers and digital presses.
The scope of the contract comprises of designing, constructing and commissioning the plant which will have the capability to produce a range of products such as automotive heat-treated and non heat treated sheet, building and construction sheet and foil stock sheet, suitable for further downstream manufacturing in the aluminum complex.
These products include automotive heat-treated and non-heat-treated sheet, building and construction sheet and foil stock sheet.
The new coating line is now operating as designed, producing cut-to-size and stock sheet post-temperable, high-performance coated glass under the popular EmiCool brand name.
As rectangle enclosures containing irregular shapes are easy to lay, irregular shapes if any in the order list are first encased into smaller rectangular enclosures and then these rectangles are packed on stock sheet (Singh, 2001).
There's not much hassle involved finding a vehicle - though how much you save, as ever, will finally come down to your haggling abilities and how keen the dealer is to shift that piece of metal from his stock sheet.
To customize the template with your choice of securities, all you have to do is plug in the appropriate stock symbols and the number of shares held for each security on the Trading Stock sheet.
Mil-Spec Packaging maintains a large inventory of stock sheet grades ranging from 200 lb.
These products comprise automotive heat treated and non heat treated sheet, building and construction sheet and foil stock sheet.