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For the Special Rapporteur, the solution is not to block any such policies, even though close monitoring is required to ensure that stockholding in one country does not result in dumping on other developing world markets.
If fields which have been used for grazing or stockholding animals are to be used for recreational purposes, the advice is as follows:
Palletways pan European expansion, which has already seen the development of national distribution networks based on the UK model in Italy and the Benelux region, will also include the creation of Stargate Logistics' consignment stockholding facilities to link seamlessly with the European hubs.
The introduction of a new name reflects the fact that we offer far more than just steel stockholding.
The UK steel stockholding market development report analyses market size and trends, product segmentation, industry structure, demand structure and forecasts.
Decisions in the area of agriculture relate to public stockholding for food security purposes, agricultural quotas, export competition and cotton.
India and the United States have reached an agreement to settle a dispute over food stockholding, a move which gives fresh hope for progress in the World Trade Organization's Doha Round.
Three Class A and three Class B directors are elected to three-year terms by the stockholding member banks, and three Class C directors are appointed to three-year terms by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
A West Midland entrepreneur and a pioneer of the post war steel stockholding sector has died aged 96.
Increased production line efficiencies, reduced costs and enhanced on-shelf impact together with the ability to provide short runs and stockholding capacity are the key reasons why Munchy Seeds has chosen plastics packaging specialist Harrison Europac to supply tamper evident, in-mould labelled polypropylene tubs for its range of upmarket roasted seed mixes.
We are confident that this transaction will bring us important synergy gains, which will be shared in the future by an increasingly wide and diversified stockholding base, and contribute to the creation of value for all our stockholders.
In helping to reduce the risk the HSE advises that, where possible, fields used for grazing or stockholding of animals should not be used for camping, picnicking, or play areas.