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228) Employers can agglomerate corporations, partnerships and other groupings because of laws that legitimize such associations and provide liability limitations and other incentives to its stockowners and managers.
She explains how, until scientists had unravelled the aetiology of anthrax in the late-nine-teenth century, stockowners regarded it as a mysterious telluric disease that emanated from the soils.
In these schemes, the stockowners use press releases to tout the prospects of their companies enticing gullible investors to buy the stock.
18 October 2012 - US telecom Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) has lifted its stake in mobile broadband operator Clearwire Corp (NASDAQ:CLWR) to majority by taking control of one of the company's stockowners, Eagle River Holdings LLC, the buyer said in a securities filing today.
Ideally, the corporation is a commons, presumably regulated by the stockowners in the same way a common field is regulated by the commoners who have access to it.
5 percent of stockowners in 2010, at least one of the companies in which they owned stock was one that employed, or had employed, the family head or that person's spouse or partner (data not shown in the tables).
Finally, assuming that an arbitration provision does not violate public policy and current shareholders who dissent from the provision are treated fairly, there is the question whether the provision is enforceable as to subsequent stockowners.
Part 3, "Terra Firma" revisits the history of Dine pastoralism, the consequences of the increase in Dine stock accompanied by encroachment of Hispanic and Anglo stockowners usurping prime land and water sources located on the public domain adjacent to reservation boundaries.
Proceeding from Kalina's operating report, PregoHoldings is owner of the company ADRs: the companywas never mentioned among shareholders with over 5%interest; however, the lists of stockowners allowed to theconcern's latest shareholder meetings state Prego asowner of 15.
For example, stockowners have incentives to increase risk-taking in order to increase their profits; the regulatory regime prevents risky behavior and thus works as a source of strong corporate governance.
It is immediately noticeable that vaccine uptake in Eastern and Southern England was above the 80% minimum because these stockowners were close to last autumn's BTV8 fire and could smell the smoke.