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If one evaluates the stockownership structure in these interior enterprises, one can find that the normal configuration of incorporation was private enterprise owners, nationalized commercial banks, central government officials, local governments, and local government officials.
The Blacks and sampled Whites are then ranked by race and matched based on their predicted stockownership outcomes.
9) Conceivably, the rise in stockownership may have altered the sensitivity of aggregate spending to changes in wealth, for example, by shifting wealth away from groups with relatively low marginal propensities to consume.
18) Thus, the data from the Michigan survey appear to provide a reasonably good portrayal of household stockownership and stock wealth.
A typical employee with the firm's employee stockownership plan (ESOP) for its full seven years has stock worth more than $52,000.
Jensen and Meckling |1976~ suggest that managerial incentives are directly related to managerial stockownership proportions.