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The Albania initiative stimulated interest in the Balkan region and internationally in the importance of reducing stockpiles of surplus arms.
The stockpile had been causing problems of late because partial erosion and acid run off were causing widespread damage to the surroundings.
According to the study, seventeen signatories to the treaty banning antipersonnel landmines have already completed their stockpile destruction, eradicating at least 10.
Housed in bunkers and bulk tanks at the depot's 19,000-acre southern site, the stockpile accounts for 42 percent of the nation's estimated 30,000 tons of chemical weapons.
Milling of the Stockpiles will be completed in a single continuous batch and is expected to take 2 weeks.
John DeLong, president of Hawaiian Cement agrees, "For the first time, our supervisors and managers have a tool to quickly, inexpensively and accurately measure stockpile tonnage at the end of the month or even at the end of their shifts.
The October gain in stockpiles pushed inventories at the wholesale level to a seasonally adjusted $542 billion in October, an increase of 6.
In keeping with current standards, we urge that old smallpox vaccines that were made in animal skin and are still a key part of our strategic national stockpile be tested for adventitious infectious agents.
There is, of course, a cost to process the concrete, bur there is little cost for the landfill personnel to load material from the finished stockpiles as needed.
Finally, we believe that North Korea has a sizeable stockpile of chemical weapons, and can manufacture all manner of CW agents.
based company which also includes Madison Materials --utilizes a drone to measure stockpiles at its three quarry operations in Guntersville, Blountsville and Summit, Ala.