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ENTRANCE: The burglars venture through the hole into the shop DESPERATE: The burglars cannot find any cigarettes inside the stockroom and begin to run out of time ON FILM: One of the burglars is caught by the camera
The aircraft manufacturer expects to save up to $5 million annually with a new central stockroom that has 18 carousels, shelving, and rack storage.
Even though the localized stockroom system had supported production of more than 2,000 C-130 cargo planes since the early 1950s, Lockheed was not satisfied with inventory accuracy below 95%, excessive inventory shortages, and work-in-process scattered around the production floor.
All but a small percentage of parts now have only one possible destination as they leave fabrication--the new 60,000 sq ft central stockroom.
Totes of slow-moving small parts travel by inclined conveyor across a major traffic aisle that divides the stockroom.
Totes arrive from the carousels at a kitting station in the stockroom.
Effectively sourcing products for a PCB stockroom is a difficult and time-consuming job.
A single step to quote all the products in a stockroom is by far the most cost-effective way to source current and future product needs.
In addition to getting a quote quickly, stockroom managers have many other issues to consider, such as lead times, pricing and minimum order requirements.
Another recommended feature of this program should be an inventory management software tool that monitors stock levels and notifies the stockroom manager when inventory reaches a predetermined reorder point.