stocks and bonds

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Stocks and bonds, loans and mortgages, margins and securities--here was a world of finance, and there was no room in it for the human world or the world of nature.
Time and again, it has been demonstrated that the risk/return profile of a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds is enhanced by an admixture of hedge funds, extending the 'efficient frontier' of graphed returns leftwards and upwards.
Instead of spreading money over different stocks and bonds, it diversifies investments over time.
Investors then buy shares of the fund, and their shares increase or decrease in value as the values of the stocks and bonds in the fund rise and fall.
Using stock and bond index options and futures, or index funds, instead of stocks and bonds themselves makes market entrances and exits efficient and comparatively inexpensive.
Original Enron Design Files Including Unique Proofs for Enron IPO Stocks and Bonds along with Hundreds of Other Newly Discovered and Historic Wall Street Scripophily to Be Auctioned
With a managed account, the client owns each of the securities, stocks and bonds purchased on his or her behalf.
You're armed with our experts' prognostications on the economy, interest rates, and which stocks and bonds should do well in 2000.
Collection of stocks and bonds issued to or signed by people of great historical interest.
And with share prices skyrocketing, it's a good idea to review how your portfolio is divided between stocks and bonds.
The changing and varied fortunes of stocks and bonds are largely a result of the economic shock waves that have erupted in Asia.