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Shoppers with stodgier tastes do the same with $12 capris at Walmart and $20 blazers at Kmart.
When it comes to defining old media, you don't get much older or stodgier than The Associated Press (AP), which has been delivering the news for 165 years.
His photos have an otherworldly intensity, one that thrills fans of HDR and causes other, perhaps stodgier, photographers to wince.
As an agile operator, Ferrar has often been the first in his trading area to exploit those hard-won gains, garnering an edge over stodgier competitors and building Bay Ridge into a formidable competitor.
It's hard for people to conceive of image-wise, a stodgier industry That doesn't mean it's a legitimate image, but that is the image.
Any mention in emails of 'young blood,' 'fresh ideas,' 'slower and stodgier,' expressions deemed objective and innocent, can often turn out in age cases to be a smoking gun.
For stodgier Yale and Princeton, the aggressive leadership and institutional political clout of, respectively, longtime department chairs George Pierson and Joseph Strayer eventually paved the way for similar changes.
It was probably fair that it was all square at half and full time after an end to end first half and a stodgier second period which was far removed from recent Villa v Bolton spectacles.
The designer of the best of them, a Tiffany employee named Frederick Wilson, was a minor disciple of some of BritainAAEs stodgier pre-Raphaelite painters.
Thus the mitigation of systemic risk requires paring back giant global banks, for instance by hiving off riskier proprietary trading from stodgier deposit-taking and loan making.