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Creamy without being stodgy, rich without being sickly, it was definitely my favourite and the youngest Mop loved it, too.
Although the language is a trifle stodgy, this is an excellent chunk of Edwardian sci-fi.
FROM stodgy rice pudding to healthy fruit salad - school dinners have changed since Coventry's Lord Mayor Jack Harrison was a boy.
Cries of 'all you fancy at this time of year is stodgy, fatty food' or 'it's too cold to exercise' and 'when I get home from work I just want to curl up and forget about the world', echo round the walls of my surgery on a daily basis.
Fear not, it's reprinted here today, and in actual fact, sits a little better with the theme which is that of stodgy puddings.
The 95-year-old bank previously had a reputation as safe, stodgy, boring and definitely not "funny.
Once the parmesan cheese is added if the consistency is a little stodgy stir in hot water to dilute.
This is stodgy, middle aged, middle of the road, easy listening, and about as rock'n'roll as your granny's knitting patterns.
Colorful and sassy, the Dutchmen T@B trailer is a mod makeover of the stodgy recreational vehicle.
The magazine, an integral part of the stodgy mainstream media, is honoring those who are using the Internet to bypass and sometimes show up the old Timers by uploading, downloading, viral-videoing and blah-blah blogging news and information.
Beth Lisick moved with her parents from the stodgy Midwest to Northern California in 1967, settling in Sunnyvale.