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Honing our ability to manage this dichotomy of control in the interest of morality and wellbeing constitutes the development of character, a centerpiece of Stoic practice.
I'll finish with more of my Stoic grandad's pearls: "When somebody swings a hammer at ye , divvn't stop it with your heed.
It is important to keep in mind that the Stoic approach to virtue ethics is deeply indebted to Aristotle.
Cato the Younger (95-46 BCE), a statesman in the late Roman Republic was a leading Stoic.
17) In the context of Stoic psychology, the maintenance goal supervenes on the way nature designs animals and children.
There is another indicator that Marcela should be seen as a Stoic in the area of individual ethics.
His philosophy of stoic pragmatism is well grounded in naturalistic assumptions that are eminently plausible, and in some cases unavoidable.
Cato, the paragon of Stoic behaviour, might be a representation of the ideal self, as projected in the fictional(ized) world by the young poet.
Exactly what sort of impression is controversial, because the exact motivation of a Stoic rational animal is controversial.
3) Kerferd (1978) argues against this view which he attributes to Johnny Christensen (An Essay on the Unity of Stoic Philosophy [Copenhagen 1962] 68-9) and Gerard Watson (The Stoic Theory of Knowledge [Belfast 1966] 63).
Recall that the passions (or affections, as Lipsius calls them) so dangerous to Christian reason spring, according to Stoic philosophy, from incorrect judgments, that is, opinions rather than the things themselves.
Including these sources leads me to wonder whether and how Stoic tenets enter British thought through periodicals like The Spectator--a significant text in the history of thinking about propriety and the like given how frequently it is cited by Kames and others compared to, say, anonymous early writers.