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It seemed to us that as she came their stoicism gave way, and that they shrank from her.
Strickland would not go near them, not from any affectation of stoicism, for I found him seated on a three-legged stool when I went into the studio one day and he was alone, but because he did not like them.
Sometimes you saw an untaught stoicism which was profoundly moving.
With the stoicism of the brutes who had raised him he endured his suffering quietly, preferring to crawl away from the others and lie huddled in some clump of tall grasses rather than to show his misery before their eyes.
A jungle beast was Tarzan with the stoicism of the beast and the intelligence of man.
Summerlee was shivering like a man with the ague, human fears, as he realized his position, rising for an instant above the stoicism of the man of science.
he cried at last, with the stoicism of a Roman of old, "it would be a weakness, it would be a folly, it would be a meanness
A warmly administered prod broke through her stoicism and started her tottering along.
Small had dropped his mask of stoicism, and all this came out in a wild whirl of words, while his eyes blazed, and the handcuffs clanked together with the impassioned movement of his hands.
And therefore I know I incur the imputation of unnecessary hardness and stoicism from those who compose the Court and Parliament of Love.
But that was mere feeling; the stoicism of his thought could not be disturbed by this or any other failure.
Many officers of ships can no doubt recall a case in their experience when just such a trance of confounded stoicism would come all at once over a whole ship's company.