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So he's shifted his focus to Stoicism, in which he finds "a rational, science-friendly philosophy that includes a metaphysics with a spiritual dimension.
Mass entry of pupils taking GCSEs a year early to provide a school with the "best outcomes" has been commitment, and a stoicism adult life Coughlin referred to as "gaming the system.
Let it be recorded that he first fought bravely his illness and then bore it with stoicism and fortitude.
Stoicism and pragmatism are compatible in that they are equally appropriate, although under different circumstances.
STOICISM will research, develop and demonstrate a range of new innovative technologies along the industrial minerals value chain.
Through a critical reading of primary source material against philosophy and intellectual history, O'Gorman analyzes how major players in Eisenhower's administration reflected and reified deeply embedded worldviews of American foreign policy discourse: stoicism, evangelicalism, adventurism, and romanticism.
There were always cinders in my cereal but in the Midwest we call that stoicism and fear of god, cold jelly in the guts.
This collection of thirteen essays by a galaxy of international experts is a valuable resource for our understanding of the uses of Stoicism in early Christianity.
They did not resort to a diatribe against the referee but, to their eternal credit, eventually accepted the loss with grace and stoicism.
The dialogue promotes a Senecan stoicism in response to a political world of warfare and oppression.
I feel for his loss, admire his stoicism and praise his wisdom - truly a great man, and one who shows a rare natural combination of humility and humanity.
Her canvas is Stoicism, the ancient Roman philosophy marked by a distinct decorum and management of emotions.