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He was prepared to take whatever his former comrades had to offer in the way of insults and reproaches, and take them in manly silence and stoicism.
Sometimes you saw an untaught stoicism which was profoundly moving.
A jungle beast was Tarzan with the stoicism of the beast and the intelligence of man.
In spite of his Christian stoicism, when she went up and addressed him, and smiled gaily, encouragingly, even fondly in his face, his hand would tremble and his eye burn.
He met the death he deserved, and he met it with the stoicism of the Arab.
com reveals no less than thirty-two books published in 2017 applying the ancient Greco-Roman philosophy of Stoicism to modern life.
Apart from the acquisition of knowledge, it instils commitment, application and a level of stoicism required in adult life.
Stoicism tells us that we need to know what we can control, and what we can't control.
The Speaker said the 61-year-old informed him of his illness a few weeks ago and at first fought it bravely before bearing it "with stoicism and fortitude".
She doesn't want to go on about her health problems over the last year so I won't either but I will say, on behalf of all her friends, she has dealt with everything that has been thrown at her with immense grace, stoicism and humour and we are all very proud of her.
Those who went through the war years with such great stoicism must look at the whinges of the current generation and wonder at the triviality of it all.
Stephen, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 15, became a household name as he approached his disease with good humour and stoicism.