stolen article

See: contraband
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To the cooks and boats'-crews of every vessel that had dropped anchor off Berande in the past several years were ascribed the arrival of scores of the stolen articles and of the major portion of the ammunition.
I was victim of stolen article, I accept apology, forgive man," he wrote.
The prisoner, after being in the service of Mrs White, disappeared with the stolen article and was found wearing some of the clothing.
99 blouse from a high street store, as well as the return of the stolen article.
For instance, if the stolen article is a luxury item even though the holiday-maker is on a budget holiday.
The picture springs to mind of a detective knowing that every time he filled up a page of his notebook, he was using more resources than the supposed stolen article was worth.
Infomercials for Tracker of America, a lost or stolen article recovery system, began airing November 20, 1995 after a successful test marketing program.
We will begin shipping the product in November in anticipation of the planned rollout at the beginning of the new year; and Tracker, the world wide lost and stolen article recovery system, is also scheduled to launch in November featuring Angie Dickinson.
We are moving forward with Tracker, the lost and stolen article recovery system developed by Tracker Corporation of America.
The stolen articles include one silver table lamp of 1 kg, four silver flower pots each weighing about 250 gm and one silver temple.
The stolen articles included a variety of mobile phones, laptops and cash.
Engrave electronics--Engrave electronic items such as computers, televisions and portable devices like iPods with your name or other identifying information that can help police track the stolen articles.