stolen article

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To the cooks and boats'-crews of every vessel that had dropped anchor off Berande in the past several years were ascribed the arrival of scores of the stolen articles and of the major portion of the ammunition.
I was victim of stolen article, I accept apology, forgive man," he wrote.
The prisoner, after being in the service of Mrs White, disappeared with the stolen article and was found wearing some of the clothing.
99 blouse from a high street store, as well as the return of the stolen article.
In the case of the stolen article published in The Pitt News, Kloman explained that the woman who had actually written the piece was tipped off by a person who had searched the Internet for information about the rock group and discovered that the two articles, with different bylines, were virtually the same.
For instance, if the stolen article is a luxury item even though the holiday-maker is on a budget holiday.
The picture springs to mind of a detective knowing that every time he filled up a page of his notebook, he was using more resources than the supposed stolen article was worth.
My first awareness of plagiarism in news and writing courses where I teach - Temple University, Philadelphia - came when my wife, a managing editor of a daily newspaper, reported she had a case of a stolen article in a beginning class she was teaching on the school's suburban campus in Ambler, Pa.
Later, police managed to arrest the accused and recovered stolen articles from his possession, it added.
The stolen articles have been handed over to the victims, he added.
Ijaz and Faizullah and recovered stolen articles worth million of rupees from them.
Photos of encountered subjects are also included where made available by the States as well as search results of stolen articles, boats, weapons, vehicles, and vehicles license plates.