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His stolidity had been profoundly stirred, else he would never have made up his mind to ask me unexpectedly whether I had not remarked that Falk had been casting eyes upon his niece.
Perhaps her face was rigidly set--but that marmoreal impassiveness, that magnificent stolidity, as of a wonderful statue by some great sculptor working under the curse of the gods; that imposing, unthinking stillness of her features, had till then mirrored for him the tranquil dignity of a soul of which he had thought himself--as a matter of course--the inexpugnable possessor.
The resisting power of numbers, the unattackable stolidity of a great multitude, was the haunting fear of his sinister loneliness.
The stolidity of his attitude, the big feet, the lifeless, hanging hands, the enormous bloodless cheek, the thin wisps of hair straggling down the fat nape of the neck, fascinated Razumov into a stare on the verge of horror and laughter.
In some fashion its silence and stolidity steadied her for her errand.
The rare moments when Grant emerged from his customary stolidity into raging fury were the ones in which he witnessed mistreatment of animals.
But soon after, he was back to his usual stolidity, statuelike.
The San Andreas, though, is the gap between the bourgeois stolidity necessary to keep the money flowing and the Left's insatiable appetite for permanent revolution.
Harman cites Johansen's stolidity and respectability as evidence of some elusive quality of awfulness that the cultists must possess, which words cannot convey: 'we have seen no evidence that Johansen is either murderous, insane, or morally corrupt in anyway' (p76).
As aspects of the young men's lives, circumstances and aspirations change, so too will their personal definition of risk which is understood as fluid and contextual, in stark contrast to the fixed, stolidity of risk as expressed in terms of the concrete outcomes of infection and conception beloved by policy makers.
But what informed the desperado's laconic stolidity emerged not from some lack of facility with words; rather, it was his exceptionalist projection into a realm that was beyond words.
The little enlivening touches--the tilt of a head, a finger keeping place in the pages of a book --are replaced by stolidity.