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st] are the soil porosity, volumetric water content and stoniness, respectively, referred to the bulk soil (fine soil plus stones); and [K.
Because it grows in such difficult environmental conditions (shallow soil, high rockiness, stoniness, gravelness, high temperatures, high evaporation and marine salt spray influence), this forest is much stressed, which is expressed in its microphyll, sclerophyllous and semi-deciduous character (Reyes & Acosta, 2004).
The lady's cold stoniness towards him makes him turn into crystal, and her cold gaze burns into him with a "pitiless light," referring to the cold and fire of the lady's eye that refuses the light of love in his eyes.
Soil maps are used to extract soil texture, soil depth and stoniness data which are overlaid to generate soil erodibility map.
Steep topography and stoniness are indicators of low capacity of the territory for primary activities, in which the soil is more apt for other uses.
But despite its stoniness, it is no Grand Canyon; I can't see this thing on a postcard.
Stewart set a consistent standard of emotional stoniness throughout the "Twilight" movies, Wilson said.
Their faults now only foibles and all the meanness and pathos, the hoarding and generosities, the stoniness and warmth, part of their allure, part of the layered shapeliness.
in a half-laugh/half-yodel style that communicated general amusement without acknowledging any of the particular charges (which were usually either a jab at Cory's stoniness, or false allegations that his family is actually The Kennedys of presidential fame and that money is no object).
Moreover, nearly 59% of Izard County is described as moderate to steeply sloping with rocky outcroppings, and/or has high levels of surface stoniness and gravel, which highlights the importance to Ozark pocket gophers of additional sand deposition on relatively flat land.
It suggests a pattern of redeemed relationships, and is therefore seen as the bearer of a myriad of felicities counteracting the stoniness of our separateness (cf.