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For years on end, she and her female SSP colleagues were portrayed in the media as a cruel gaggle of stony-hearted witches who destroyed one of Scotland's favourite sons.
Yet as Janet Bird's set disintegrates to mirror the play's themes, it's a stony-hearted audience that won't be left with an ache of sadness as Ms.
Anyone finishing My Guantanamo Diary would be truly stony-hearted not to feel, with Shakespeare's Macbeth, that, in reflecting on Khan's restrained but searing narrative, they have 'supp'd full of horrors'.
Nevertheless, it is amusing to wonder whether Ministers would have been quite so stony-hearted had the Birmingham tornado occurred in, say, Surrey, Kent or Greater London?
We hope for deliverance from war and famine and disease and injustice, from greed and addiction, from stony-hearted hurtfulness and despair.
Yet Hitchens, who has written a book and produced a TV documentary about her, claims she was a stony-hearted religious fundamentalist who happily mixed with dictators who robbed the needy.
Murdoch may have been scarily intellectual but this movie is accessible to everyone and you would have to be very stony-hearted indeed not to be deeply touched by it.
You would have to be stoically stony-hearted not to fall for this beauty.
So did an earlier pope, Pius XI, in his stony-hearted dictum: