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Under the fierce intrusion of the television cameras they met, exchanged a few soft, chaste words and then were separated once again by the stony-hearted demands of the TV schedules.
IF the stony-hearted traditionalists bemoaned the passing of Joe Royle's youngest-Everton player title yesterday, 16 years 271 day young James Vaughan quickly changed their minds.
But, setting that aside, only the stony-hearted could do anything other than wish a couple who are clearly in love and have been so for years a long and happy marriage.
But whatever your take on the matter, only a stony-hearted spinster could fail to warm to this film's appeal.
EVEN the most stony-hearted of Christmas humbugs could be forgiven for enjoying a splattering of seasonal spirit after visiting The New Adventures of Peter Pan produced by Swansea Grand Theatre and Qudos Entertainment.
If the truth were known, they'd probably think you were rather stony-hearted if you didn't shed a tear in memory of your wife and their mother.
You would have to be stony-hearted or buttoned-up not to show emotion at a funeral.
To be honest, even the stony-hearted couldn't grudge the Edinburgh side and their marvellous fans their day of glory.