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The location in a courtroom where the parties and witnesses offer their testimony. To appear in court; to submit to the jurisdiction of the court.

To stand trial, for example, means to try, or be tried on, a particular issue in a particular court.


(Position), noun attitude, belief, bent, bias, inclination, leaning, opinion, outlook, point of view, position, slant, standpoint, vantage point, view, viewpoint


(Witness' place in court), noun booth, box, place, platform, position, post, stall, station, witness box, witness stand
See also: bear, belief, desist, endure, halt, last, lie, opine, opinion, outlook, remain, resist, resistance, rest, stay, suffer, thesis, tolerate, withstand

TO STAND. To abide by a thing; to submit to a decision; to comply with an agreement; to have validity, as the judgment must stand.

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said it is appropriate Slipper stood aside as the Speaker at current situation.
SHORTS STAND TALL: Queen Helen Mirren, recovering from a cold she brought back from London, stood aside to let husband Taylor Hackford take the stage at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Tuesday night.
Ms Harman was challenged on whether Lord Goldsmith should follow the example of Director of Public Prosecutions Ken MacDonald - who has reportedly already stood aside from involvement because of former links with Cherie Blair's barristers' chambers.
After the resignation of Health Secretary Alan Milburn in the last re-shuffle, there has emerged no obvious ultra-Blairite who couldstop Brown getting Number Ten if Blair stood aside.
He then stood aside as Young fired three or four shots toward Beckman, still in the patrol car.
Archbishop Pell has stood aside as archbishop, although he denies allegations that he sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy 40 years ago.