stop the progress of

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I pity him because I know that he is trying to stop the progress of the world, and because I know that in time the development and the ceaseless advance of humanity will make him ashamed of his weak and narrow position.
Did an elderly gentleman essay to stop the progress of the ball, it rolled between his legs or slipped between his fingers.
If we are able to win over the state and stop the progress of fake development plank projected by Modi, it will send an important message to the country as a whole," said the TMC member.
Islam is against all kinds of terrorism and detrimental factors which may stop the progress of humanity.
He demanded, in a press statement, the international coalition to intensify its strikes to stop the progress of the terrorist organization in a number of cities of the province.
So are you going to bring in another striker to play alongside Billy Mckay and stop the progress of young Ryan Christie?
RAMALLAH, January 31, 2013 (WAFA) -- The United Nations human rights investigators Thursday called on Israel to stop the progress of settlement expansion and withdraw all Jewish settlers from the West Bank, said media sources.
No terrorist and no government can ever stop the progress of our Jamaat because it is a Divine organisation.
Despite its long working relationship with the Department of Health on safety and hygiene issues, the Ice Cream Alliance, a trade association for the ice cream industry, appears unable to stop the progress of the anti-van legislation.
This lawsuit threatens to slow or stop the progress of environmental improvements already agreed to by both states," Beebe said in a news release.
Other research includes a Europe-wide project aiming to develop a vaccine against Alzheimer's, and the development of drugs to stop the progress of the disease.
Louis, and his colleagues have now found a way to stop the progress of two eye cancers in cell cultures and rabbits.