stop to consider

See: doubt, hesitate
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He now came to a road branching in four directions, and immediately he was reminded of those cross-roads where knights-errant used to stop to consider which road they should take.
I suspect now that I did not always stop to consider whether my short words were not as Latin by race as any of the long words I rejected, and that I only made sure they were short.
So it was that Jerry, when he chanced upon the wild-dog stowed shrewdly away from the wind in the lee-corner made by the mainmast and the cabin skylight, did not stop to consider whether the creature was bigger or fiercer than he.
Ralph had said--she could not stop to consider what he had said, but he had somehow divested the proceedings of all reality.
What he could do in the face of scores of hostile blacks and Arabs he did not stop to consider.
They had to stop to consider, and then to return and start once more, for although he was certain of the direction of the river he was not certain of striking the point where they had left the others.
What exactly it was Miss Bartlett did not stop to consider, for her glance passed on to his clothes.
and do you think I could stop to consider the feelings of an insensate brute like that, when my own nerves were racked and torn to pieces by his confounded blunders?
I did not stop to consider the subtleties of the system by which the real hunter lagged behind while his subordinate pointed the quarry like a sporting dog.
We must stop to consider what the headline would be without fire sprinklers in these cases.
I actually feel sorry for her to be humiliated in such a way, Did the man who took a series of photos of the lady stop to consider that she might well have been poorly?
But when the escaped puma attacks you for the second time, you might stop to consider whether he really likes N-Dubz.