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Go North East managing director Kevin Carr gave Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen a tour of one of the buses, during a stop-off on Stockton High Street.
Residents have been saying they are one of the only areas of Coventry that doesn't have a stop-off in Pool Meadow and we were promised it would go back.
It also provides you with GPS voice guided navigation to help you find your way to your next stop-off.
Leaving Berlin September 7, this aerodynamic egg-shaped vehicle was due in Barcelona September 23, coming via Hamburg, Amsterdam, Mainz, Lyons, the old port of Marseilles, with one last stop-off in Perpignan.
Truckload carriers are charging higher stop-off fees to discourage partial deliveries that could push drivers over the hours-of-service limits.
According to the Finnish press agency, FNB/STT, ferry companies that ply the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden have countered this by adding an extra stop-off at Marienhamn.
TOWN are keen to make Canalside an essential stop-off en route to home matches.
The monarch's plans include a stop-off in Stockton.
The crowds thronged the headland at Duncannon and Hook Head in Co Wexford as the 2011 Tall Ships Race hit the high seas again after a weekend stop-off in Wexford.
Visitors have been given a warm welcome at the city's TIC since the 1970s, in the Town Hall, through other stop-off points in the Market Place and now firmly established in the Gala Theatre building.
The incident happened during a refuelling stop-off on the Phuket Air flight from Bangkok to London's Gatwick Airport.