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The government and the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, headed by Kan, are now instead trying to enact a stopgap bill aimed at extending the current child allowance program for six months beyond the end of March.
Our primary concern is that what apparently started as a stopgap measure may have morphed into a serious moral hazard situation, with market manipulation an endemic feature of the U.
As many opposition parties are against expanding the scope of the DPJ's signature program, the ruling party and its coalition partner, the People's New Party, submitted the stopgap bill to the Diet this week.
Tim Moss, md of Moto Hospitality, said: "We will launch an improved Stopgap with a new fascia, layout, planograms and range.
The main opposition Liberal Democratic Party was quick to oppose the stopgap bill on child allowance, however, while leaving room to approve the tax-break bill when its Diet affairs chief Ichiro Aisawa met with his DPJ counterpart Jun Azumi, who plans to formally ask the opposition for cooperation Thursday, the lawmakers said.
The stopgap bill would maintain the current tax rates by May 31 to prevent possible revenue shortfalls or confusion in people's lives to be caused by rapid fluctuations in gasoline prices, according to a senior official of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
The ruling bloc of the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito party submitted a stopgap bill to maintain gasoline and other road-related tax rates for two months to the Diet on Tuesday, despite strong opposition from the opposition parties.
Since then, the federal government has been operating under a series of stopgap extension bills.
However, through 2008, IT leaders will need to implement stopgap approaches to deal with new vulnerabilities associated with unsafe customer, employee and business partner platforms.
The ruling coalition parties on Wednesday withdrew a controversial stopgap bill to extend provisionally raised gasoline and other road-related taxes as they agreed with the opposition parties to accept a mediation offer by the heads of both Diet chambers, in a move that will defuse the recent confusion in parliament.
If the housing police are disbanded, some kind of a stopgap will be instituted,'' aide David Gershwin said.
But these stopgap measures do not include the business process support and integration capabilities needed to leverage companies' existing investments in CRM, CTI and KM systems," said Mark Angel, CTO of Kanisa.