stoppage of work

See: lockout
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Imtiaz Inayat Elahi and Saeeduz Zaman had dishonestly ordered for stoppage of work on under progress project without cogent reason and misuse of authority causing huge loss to the national exchequer,' NAB said in a statement.
As per details, accused Imtiaz Inayat Elahi and Saeedur Rehaman dishonestly ordered stoppage of work on an ongoing project without a cogent reason and misused the authority causing loss to the exchequer.
Al-Quds added that the electricity crisis gripping the besieged Gaza Strip was further exacerbated as a result of the stoppage of work in the remaining power generator.
In fact the leader of our OFW organization visited me last week and informed me about the incidents of stoppage of work and separation of work,' Bello added.
The SRMI management said the temporary stoppage of work will only last from January 5 to March 31 this year.
Social security in the event of a stoppage of work or disability, Within the limits of the amounts of guarantees set out in the tables indicated in the special clauses.
During the meeting, the District Nazim expressed strong anguish over the starting of construction work at Patang Chowk prior to the approval of the map and ordered immediate stoppage of work on the plaza, registration of FIR against the owner and imposing of heavy penalty on him.
KIRKUK / NINA / An oil source announced that BP will return to work in Kirkuk after the stoppage of work since the events of June 2014 .
Retirement is in quotes because the notion of traditional retirement, that is, the stoppage of work at a set age, and saving up enough in advance to prepare for it is likely passA(c), perhaps even irrelevant.
This will also inflict heavy losses on the private sector's companies due to stoppage of work and increase the already high unemployment and poverty rates among the workers and their families.
As soon as the incident occurred the station team immediately initiated a full stoppage of work on site, cordoned off the affected area and followed our injury prevention procedures.
13 -- The Jaffna district is paralyzed due to the complete stoppage of work and survey reveals that except for some stray incidents of stone-throwing on the moving vehicles in the roads, it is a spontaneous one without organizers using either any force or compulsion.