stoppage of work

See: lockout
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They demanded of the federal government and authorities of the SNGPL to take notice of the illegal stoppage of work and resume it within the next three days.
Baghdad, Kirkuk and the Kurdish region suffer the lack in fuels following the stoppage of work of Beiji refinery due to the military operations there and surrounding it.
The stoppage of work shall continue until conditions have been corrected
Thiruvananthapuram: The proposed greenfield airport in Kerala's Pathanamthitta district that has been under development for nearly a decade, suffered a setback on Wednesday when the southern regional bench of the National Green Tribunal ordered stoppage of work on the project.
Due to stoppage of work at OPDs at government hospitals patients were facing severe difficulties.
The stoppage of work by Maoists has further disheartened the students.
As a result of stoppage of work, pits of soil has gathered at certain points giving way to the possibility that the lower areas, which include Nadeem Colony, Jahangir Road, Chamanzar Colony, Dhok Chiragh Deen, Dhok Ratta, Muslim Town, Sadiqabad, Arya Mohallah Dhok Najju, Zia-ul-Haq Colony, and others will be inundated.
During last year the rate of labour dispute cases that led to the stoppage of work showed a steady decline by nearly 40 per cent.
A driver and resident of the Khogiani district of the province said the drivers were concerned over the stoppage of work on the second road.
On Monday, a group of Tekel workers had started a hunger strike to protest Turk-Is, Disk and Kamu-Sen who decided to lower one-day strike to one-hour stoppage of work.
He strongly rejected the rumours about stoppage of work on the mega project.
In an effort to prevent a stoppage of work on the A400M military transport plane, the seven countries that have ordered the plane have submitted a proposal to Airbus parent company EADS on how to cover the extra costs in its manufacturing.