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Zhu, according to the Xinhua report, stopped short of declaring that China would use force to prevent Taiwan from declaring independence -- a position he underscored prior to Taiwan's presidential election last month and has since been repeated by other lesser Chinese officials.
He stopped short of the porch steps and gripped his weapon with both hands.
Read in relation to one another, the works began to tease out issues that might link them but stopped short of anything definitive.
However, he stopped short of endorsing a flat tax proposal.
The committee stopped short of recommending that FDA approve DDC as a sole treatment for AIDS, saying the company failed to prove that DDC is as effective as zidovudine.
Dessens stopped short of saying that is a prerequisite to him agreeing to exercise his option.
Previously, IOSCO had stopped short of endorsing international accounting standards without a commitment from the IASC to revamp its entire set of rules.
While the NAS report stopped short of calling for penalties and higher taxes for major producers of greenhouse gases -- which some European nations have imposed -- environmental groups generally approve of the new recommendations.
However, it is interesting that the stock's gains have been stopped short by resistance in the 26.
Stoneman stopped short of saying he was disappointed.
The White House has echoed Securities and Exchange Commission concerns that certain provisions in the House bill were unfair but has stopped short of announcing official opposition.